HELP! My relationship is Falling Apart!

HELP! My relationship is Falling Apart!

by Mitch W.

Personally, I've been there one too many times -- thinking that "hey, this relationship is The One," but it just didn't work out...AGAIN.

It's no fun...and frankly, it definitely "F*cks" a lot of sh*t up as you're trying to get into a relationship with someone new.

You ask yourself these questions:

1. Will he/she cheat?
2. Will he/she dump me like the last?
3. How many broken promises will he/she make this time?
4. Am I just a rebound or "The One"?
5. Is he/she the Rebound(???)
6. Should I just stay single?
7. CAN I Stay Single??

The worst part of it all is that every failed relationship make you even more scared and anxious about the next -- or if there will ever be a "next"...

You start doubting yourself, you start hating people little by little, and you definitely feel like the whole world is just sidelining you... and those feelings just doesn't make life "liveable"...

This article isn't just a way to dump my feelings on you; but to let you know that I've been there and you're Not Alone.

Sure, I've enjoyed the "honeymoon" phases of my many #superfail relationships -- being Loved, being the centre of his/her world, feeling totally Important to someone for once...

Those feelings make you feel like the World notices YOU...

...well at least till the dreaded thing happens -- "honeymoon" ends.

So the reason I even decided to write this was cause I saw this video and it made me reflect. All that I can say is:

"NEVER treat your Next like your Ex."
- Mitch W.

Enjoy the relationship with the one you're with, and never let the fears of your past failures keep you from pursuing something greater. Love him/her the way he/she is meant to be Loved -- WHOLE-HEARTEDLY.

Never make your "Next" suffer for your bad past. That's what I've learnt...and still am learning.

There's so much more that can be said about this topic, but I'll be going on forever about it... so if you like what you have read, and want a buddy to walk with you through this tough period in life, drop your message in the comment box below and I'll personally reply you :)

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