Hotline Numbers for LGBT.

Hotline Numbers for LGBT.

by Marissa Duclos

Every mental condition, regardless if it’s depression, anxiety, or suicidal, we have befrienders as a hotline to call for help and advice at anytime 24/7; but what if there’s a hotline specially for the LGBT out there?

Whenever you need an advice about your situation as a LGBT like if you’re bullied, insulted for who you are, or family is being unfair to you because of your made decisions, and just whenever you feel down and lost, know that there’s help all around and help is just one call away.

I digged up some good LGBT hotlines for you guys to call whenever you need.


glbt hotline

It is a good website to seek advice from. You can either call or chat with them however you wish is needed.


LGBT Aid Article

This article gives you information on what to do and what not to do.



...and lastly a great place to call whenever you feel you’re at the edge, feel like you want to kill yourself, or you have suicidal thoughts, Please check this site out!


Trust me on this; when calling for help is essential for the health and mental state. I know that calling someone for help and even making an appointment for therapy takes a whole lot of you and a lot of energy and effort to do. We have to be strong for others who are feeling the same as us. We can make a good example for people who are battling the same war as us.

So what is your role? What are you waiting for? Call for help whenever possible on your own time.

We got your back.

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