Apps that relate to Malaysian LGBT

Apps that relate to Malaysian LGBT

by Marissa Duclos

Hello all LGBT fellows and lovely rainbow people out there!

Most of the majority of people desire for love, physical touch and of course sex. So what do we use in order to get that satisfaction, the pleasure and emotional roller coaster ride?

Some would go out the old fashion way by going out to a bar and bracing yourself just to ask for her/his number; but now in this generation, millennials are more comfortable on their phones at home, using apps to hopefully match with the other person from other parts of this world.

If you’re single and ready to mingle, wanting a relationship that could last longer than the earth to crumble? 

Looking for a date, hookup, or a long term relationship? Fret not.

Here are some dating apps for you to swipe right or left to your liking.


Of course we have the top main app that majority of us use.


Click HERE.


The app for lesbians. Women looking for women love.


Click HERE.


...and lastly, the gay app for men who only want men's attention.


Click HERE.


Yes even though these apps are super useful to look for dates, and is super fun. BUT there are pros and cons whenever you use dating apps. Horror ones! BE CAREFUL who you’re talking to, just in case of Catfishing and especially when it comes down to meeting face to face in person.

NEVER I mean NEVER EVER get into a car with someone you just met online.

Bare in mind if you’re finally meeting this person you think you could trust to go out your way to meet this person, bring pepper spray with you at all times!

Make sure to tell one or two of your very close friends that you are going out with this person you met online. Make sure if possible to have your friends at the same place you’re at just for safety reasons.

Or maybe so, have your friends go out with you and the person you met online if the person doesn’t mind either way cause I care about you guys!

You’ll never know what may happen. Anything could go wrong at any place and at anytime.


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