Highschool Throwback

Highschool Throwback

by Marissa Duclos

With the MOE recently banning snacks we the “privileged generation of the 90’s”

We were kids back then when school was fun and recess were bomb! it was all fun and carefree that we would love to go back to those memories of joy that we had, good or the bad.

Cheap and UNFORGETTABLE canteen food.

Keropok lekor for 20 cents, burger ramli for RM 5, flavoured juice (which wasn’t healthy) for 40 cents and mee hoon soup for only 1 Ringgit, or roti canai and chee chong phan. The 50 ringgit note was a luxury for us. Just having 10 ringgit in your pocket you would consider yourself rich in school.

The roti-man.

Do you remember the uncle who would wait outside the school for the bell to ring and kids to come running to buy junk food and ice cream? Dang how we miss those years but now that we think about it, it’s actually really dodgy and scary.


How we all used to lie to our teachers that we did our homework but left it at home, the boys would secretly bring their cellphones with p*rn pictures to the boy’s toilet. We get bullied a lot in school for instance like me who is small sized, and back then I was even smaller size, I would get teased a lot. They’d call me ketot, kecik, small fry, and pendik.


Catching games were the best part of school. We would play Girls Catch Boys vice versa, Fire and Ice (tag), Tiang Game, Pepsi Cola, one two jus and other games like batu seremban, and eraser game.


How we all miss the old days that we wished we could go back to! Do you remember your childhood?

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