Spot a Toxic Relationship Before it Starts!

Spot a Toxic Relationship Before it Starts!

by Marissa Duclos

Whether it’s your family, your soulmate, your co worker or even your boss, no relationship is perfect.

For the most part, a good relationship makes you feel secure, happy, cared for, respected, and free to be yourself.

If you think you’re being treated badly or unfairly, you need to make a stand for yourself in order to find happiness.

One way to notice toxic behaviours is to look for red flags in the relationship.

P/s: Mind you, we’re taking references from Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey!


So what do you describe a toxic relationship.

50 Shades of Grey perhaps?

Maybe the whipping and the lashing?

The controlling dominant?

...or a Twilight stalker where a vampire stalks you and enters your bedroom watching you while you sleep?

...or brings you in the middle of the forest?


...but on a serious note though, these are the toxic things you need to look out for:

1. Person who takes all but never gives back:

When you do something good for the person, a healthy relationship would give back not just a praise but a reward of appreciation.

2. You are emotionally tired:

 Instead of feeling happy and productive, you feel mentally, emotionally and physically drained.

3. Lack of trust:

You can't go out even with your friends cause your partners is so darn controlling. There's always the need to constantly tell them who you’re talking to and what you’re doing even when you’re at home.

4. Negative energy:

We need positivity in our lives to stay motivated and productive. Some people with anxiety and depression or any mental disorders would behave in a certain way but it’s sometimes not their fault. Work on being positive TOGETHER.

5. Absense of Respect:

Communication is key in any relationship. Watch your tone and the kinda words that you use on the other, cause words are as hurtful as someone physically throwing a rock at you.

6. Lack of communication:

In better words, you guys got too comfy with each other till that magical spark is gone when you receive something as simple as a text message. Time to spice up your communication - and we don't mean by s*xting.

7. Walking on eggshells:

Constant anger + fear of expressing feelings without being yelled at + fear of making the person angry for minor things are some of the most ridiculous things that could ignite a potential breakup. So shoo-shoo away drama!

8. ...and MORE DRAMA:

Good relationships improve your life; they don't make it messier.

So please watch out for these kinds of toxicness. If your man hits you, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY!

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