Perverted Men Targeting Cosplayers

Perverted Men Targeting Cosplayers

by Marissa Duclos

The thing about cosplaying is that cosplayers take their time designing costumes of their favorite anime characters or they just buy them online.

Cosplaying is a fun thing to do and allows participants to express their passion through this "creative fashion", so it's natural that some cosplayers would go to a certain extent of wearing revealing costumes... that sadly can be a sensitive issue when appearing in public.

Anothing thing is that cosplaying tend to help some people with building confidence, self-esteem and anxiety too. It’s cosplay therapy!

Believe me, I’ve done it before and it felt amazing!

It may seem strange that dressing up as someone else could enhance your self-esteem, but when you put on something you’ve created with love and passion, you'll gain recognition by a community that accepts what you for who you are.

People are more likely to approach you, and some will ask for pictures of your cosplay and compliment you on what you’re wearing.

Rarely is there ever a negative response to anyone participating in cosplay. Positivity makes people feel good about themselves and receiving praises for participating in something you enjoy is energizing.

However, there are these certain pervs that love harassing and touching cosplayers’ assets in the middle of taking a picture, and seriously it is a super big turn off - especially for someone who takes cosplay seriously.

It is rude and disrespectful so JUST STOP OK! JEEZ MAN!

 However it becomes a debate really...

There are some people who blame cosplayers for wearing outfits that are so revealing that these cosplayers are “asking for it”, while some would defend cosplayers, saying that men should keep their hands and eyes to themselves.

Every cosplay community are practically family - making new friends by giving feedbacks and advice like any good friend would. They all will watch your back too!

Ed's Note: Every woman has a right to wear anything she desires; just the perverts that needs to keep their horny sticks to themselves!

P/s: I used to cosplay too...once upon a time... and it was a fun experience. I honestly felt like a celebrity for a day!

Pictures from 5 years ago:


Super Boy 322 Real question tho... who da tomb rider chick??

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