A Friend passes away from overworking .. Final Destination advice

A Friend passes away from overworking .. Final Destination advice

Does work kill you? Well... no.

However being over-worked does - and in this case, it really did.

A friend recently posted on his Facebook page about the untimely death of his 24-year-old close friend, who had an accident as he was driving home at 2.00 AM from work. Reason? Well from being exhausted and over-worked

According to mutual friends of the deceased auditor, the victim had initially wanted to go home but couldn't cause apparently it is the working culture in the audit department that "no one should leave the office before works are completed and before your senior leaves." 

Many fellow auditors (not necessarily from the victim's office) have expressed the same situation whereby they aren't allowed to go home till late and are feeling over-worked.

It does seem that working cultures in many industries in Malaysia demand that employees stay back late without any apparent reason - leading to many causes of health issues like not taking care of oneself, eating at irregular times / skipping meals / suffering from burnout.

We do hope that by sharing this saddening story, it will bring awareness to the industries in Malaysia, in hope that they will reevaluate the unhealthy working culture.

Please SHARE this with your friends that you think are in the same situation right now cause we really hope to avoid more incidences like this - cause YOUR LIFE MATTERS.

MYC! would like to express our condolences and wish that everyone looks after themselves.


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