LGBT Suicides. Are you more at risk if you are LGBT?

LGBT Suicides. Are you more at risk if you are LGBT?

by Marissa Duclos


Suicide rates are high and it is everywhere. LGBT or not, if you have had any suicidal thoughts, please...

Seek HELP! : 603-79568145 

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among young people, and it is a serious issue. It is caused by depression, anxiety, bullying, or any form of abuse!

LGBT adolescents have the highest rate of suicide attempts.

One thing for sure, most LGBTs get verbally abused and judged from others.

Depression and anxiety are serious in terms of mental health and all we need from you guys is...

  • LOVE

The LGBT community have people telling them to stop being who they are, and keep their s*xual orientation private.

Here is an example of a guy named Pang who said that he had politicians judging the LGBT community for being who they are.

Despite of what others may say/think about you, ask yourself this. 

Do their opinions of YOU even matter? 

We here at MYC! do not care about your s*xual orientation. We care that you LOVE yourself and life.

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