by Marissa Duclos

I've just had the weirdest day EVER and I'll tell you why.

As I was strolling in the mall with my boyfriend, I felt the need to pee... (sorry if TMI)

So my boyfriend walked me to the girls’ toilet and waited for me outside as usual.

After I was done, I went out from the cubicle to wash my hands and cause who leaves the toilet without washing their hands right? That shiz is GROSS! Wash yo hands!

Anyway, as I was coming out of the cubicle, I saw a very tall lady, a little masculine from the back and I saw her washing her hands.

I went up to the sink next to her and I looked up at the mirror and to my surprise, IT WAS A DUDE! A DUDE putting on LIPSTICK!

My first reaction was...Omg am I in the right toilet? There’s a man dressed as a woman. Should I be worried? Should I feel safe? But damn girl... Those shoes though!”

So as any normal respectful human being, I gave her a smile and hurried out, but honestly though, some transgenders make themselves look super hard to tell if they’re a man.

As soon as I got out, my boyfriend was staring at me and he was like “Yups I saw that.”

Some people are openly okay with it and some are not. I would be comfortable but I still needed to be cautious being in that situation. However just because they’re different it doesn’t mean they’re not allowed to use our public toilets am I right?

I think it’s the respect without any judgemental thoughts toward them and the acceptance we should give, because everyone is different and unique in their own way!

So be kind!

If you’re a guy reading this, imagine you’re in the same toilet as a lesbian dressed up like a guy and you men would stand up to do nature’s calling am I right? Would you be comfortable being in that situation too? I'm just curious...

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