These Nasty Scammers are on a Roll!

These Nasty Scammers are on a Roll!

Yo guys! Ever been scammed before? Well lemme tell you a secret...

*whispers* You're not alone... 

Well this was posted on 6 OCT, about 1.7 million misled victims of 27 types of investment schemes who was involved in a loss of RM4.4 billion recorded in Kuala Lumpur from July 2013 to September! 


The Commercial Crime Investigation Department Director, Datuk Seri Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani said that during that time, he received more than 2,500 victims' reports on the case.


"We have repeatedly reminded the public not to be easily affected by this scheme as there is no investment that can provide high returns in the short term," he stated. 

Acryl said in the case that he arrested two men and a local woman between the ages of 30 to 36 because she was believed to have been involved in the 'Krubal' investment scam at two separate locations in the capital and Penang on 5 OCT 2017.

"We received 105 reports on the case and 2,000 people were victimized with a loss of RM788,901. The suspect offers cosmetics investment through Whatsapp apps and Facebook social sites by taking deposits from victims to invest in a local company. The investment package offered by the suspect is between RM350 and RM55,000 and high returns are promised to investors up to 100 per cent after three months, in addition to gold weights with certain weight," he also explained.

Omg please be careful when you invest!

Technology is at our fingertips but people seem to be taking advantage of it! Like online shopping for example! Do you buy something really cool from an online website, once its on door step, you get something COMPLETELY the opposite! That my dear, is scamming!

To make life easier for you guys, we compiled a list of the 27 investment fraud schemes.

1. Crude Palm Oil

2. Highway Group Resources

3. Mecca Islamic Hotel

4. Federal Reserve Chicago Bond

5. RJB Empire Group

6. Venus Fx

7. AAM Academy

8. Celestial Mindef

9. Share Eat

10. Bit Coin - Bit Kingdom


12. Bit Coin - Al Mubin Agarwood

13. Exorbitence Influence Sdn. Bhd. (Krubal)

14. Richway

15. Royal Gold Gold Investment

16. Dato Dave (Aero Asia Holding Company)

17. Monspace

18. MFace / MBI

19. Gold Investment - Tok Belagak

20. Gold Investment - Pegasus Bullion

21. Stock - Century Dinasty

22. Forex Investment - MGCFX

23. Sunner Group's investment

24. GM Friday Investment

25. Focus Capital Growth

26. DBI / Million Housing Scheme

27. Global Tijari

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