CSGO: Valve Makes Changes to Competitive Map Pool

CSGO: Valve Makes Changes to Competitive Map Pool
May 5, 2021
2:06 pm

Everyone knows that Esports has been booming in the last few years, especially during the pandemic where many were seen to return to PC Gaming as a way to kill time when stuck at home.

For those who love to play Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), there has been a major update for those interested in the competitive scene.  Ancient, which is a map that was released during the Operation Broken Fang has replaced the ever so popular map, Train, in the active study map pool.

Image via HLTV


This is the first change to the competitive map pool ever since March 2019 when Vertigo had replaced Cache.


Man, CSGO is switching out all the maps that I have a high win rate on…


An announcement was made that the first Regional Major Ranking (RMR) events that are set to play out the old map pool. But the following tournaments will be following the new change.


Does this mean Train will be getting a remake?

Small possibility that yes, it could get a remake. In the available map pools available for competitive CSGO, Train is one of the few maps which has yet to see a “remake” inclusive of Overpass. In the past, the developers have made remakes to most the maps such as Vertigo, Mirage and the very well-known map, Dust 2.

Maps such as Cobblestone and Cache also saw remakes but were not added back into the active map pool ever since.

For those grinding the Operation Broken Fang, they’ll likely benefit from it as they have played many casual games of the new Ancient map.

Here’s some of the reaction of the Pro’s and the internet about the new change.

Swipe through to see some of their reactions.


Faze Clan’s Broky had gave the typical “Broky fashion” response as he’s not a man of many words.


Meanwhile, EliGE from Team Liquid had shared a proposed idea of the call outs of the new Ancient map.



We all know everyone is going to respond to the map like this for the next few games.


Even the legendary Olofmeister has a good highlight on the map.


So, we wish all the players good luck as they explore the new map and remember, don’ be toxic to others as everyone else is likely to be a total noob at the map too.


What do you think of the new map pool rotation? Let us know!



Credits to HLTV, CSGO and Social Media for the resources.

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