Selangor: Free Covid-19 Screenings Statewide to Detect ‘Silent Carriers’

Selangor: Free Covid-19 Screenings Statewide to Detect ‘Silent Carriers’
May 5, 2021
11:50 am

Yesterday, 4 May 2021, The Selangor government announced that free mass Covid-19 screenings will be carried out to all residing in every constituency. This initiative is part of Selangor Public Health Action Plan and will begin from 8 May onwards.

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The initiative is subsidised by the state government and is also a part of the state’s Covid-19 Pandemic Mitigation Phase which aimed at detecting active cases among the populace according to Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Amirudin Shari.

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He mentioned that a contributing factor to the rise in cases in Selangor was caused by ‘silent carriers’ who were unaware that they carried the virus.

“Selangor has shown a high daily Covid-19 case reports trend over the past few weeks.

“A very worrying factor is when the people of Selangor who are infected with Covid-19 but do not know it, they are termed as silent carriers. These are the asymptomatic and healthy ones.

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“These groups are worrisome as they can spread infections amongst high-risks groups,” he said in a statement yesterday.

Selangor recorded the highest number of cases yesterday with 675 out of 3,120 new Covid-19 infections nationwide according to the Health Ministry’s latest statistics.

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The free screening programme will begin from 8 May to 10 June throughout all 56 constituencies with a daily coverage of  two state constituencies.

Kajang and Semenyih were the first two state constituencies selected for mass screening.

“This programme will provide benefits and opportunities to Selangorians with risks, known close contacts with Covid-19 patients, symptomatic and those concerned with their health.

“It is with hope that Selangorians will take proactive steps to get themselves screened according to the dates scheduled and play their role in curbing the spread of Covid-19 within Selangor,” Amirudin added.

The full list of constituencies and their scheduled mass screening dates can be found here.


Hey, Selangorians! Let’s do our part to spread the curb of Covid-19! Think of our family, friends, and high-risk people. We might be asymptomatic and don’t know that we are carrying the virus. We might harm people unintentionally. A big thank you to the Selangor government for carrying out this initiative!


Credits to Malay Mail for the initial coverage.

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