Treatment Centres and Health Facilities in Kelantan at Critical Point as Covid-19 Infections Rise

Treatment Centres and Health Facilities in Kelantan at Critical Point as Covid-19 Infections Rise
May 4, 2021
12:04 pm

Kelantan is currently facing a tough challenge in the fight to combat and treat Covid-19 patients as the number of infections increase with cases reaching the three digit mark over the past 2 weeks. The capacity of the Covid-19 Low-Risk Quarantine and Treatment Centres (PKRCs) and hospital facilities in Kelantan are now at a critical level.

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The six available PKRCs in the state could not accommodate the influx of Covid-19 patients according to Kelantan Local Government, Housing and Health Committee chairman Dr Izani Husin.

“The intensive care units in hospitals have also reached almost 100 per cent capacity causing patients to be placed in regular wards. 60 units of ventilators have been reduced to only five units,” Dr Izani told reporters at a press conference after the special meeting of the State Security Council Committee (JKKN) at the Darulnaim City Complex, yesterday.

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As many as 2,000 Covid-19 patients in Kelantan were made to go through House Isolation Order (HIO) due to the lack of beds at the PKRCs. He also added that those who undergo HIO have a high infectivity rate (Rt) which is one in three infections. This means that 2,000 patients could spread from 6,000 to 10,000 infections.

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To solve the issue, the state government agreed to open a field hospital at the Padang Perdana site that would able to accommodate 1,000 patients. Dr Izani responded, “When we have to open a field hospital, it shows that the situation in Kelantan is becoming more critical.”  It came to the point where the state government had to request for additional manpower from the Ministry of Health.

Padang Perdana, Kelantan (Image via Berita Harian)


The South African variant B.1.351 which was also detected in Kelantan was believed to be caused by interstate travel when the people returned to the state after attending a wedding in Kuala Lumpur.

Dr Izani advises the people of Kelantan, all quarters, travellers, as well as the VIPs to avoid travelling interstate unless there are urgent matters.


Our heart goes out to the people in Kelantan. As the nation enters the fourth wave of Covid-19 infections, please continue to wear a mask, practice social distancing and follow the SOPs. It's time to cut down on the amount of people you meet and take note of whoever you're meeting with in case of any emergency in the future. #kitajagakita


Credits to Malay Mail for the initial coverage.

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