A BTS Pop-Up Store Will Be Opening in 1 Utama and Malaysian ARMYs Are Not Ready!

A BTS Pop-Up Store Will Be Opening in 1 Utama and Malaysian ARMYs Are Not Ready!
Apr 28, 2021
10:18 am

On Saturday (24 April 2021), a few BTS fans known as ARMYs took to Twitter to share their excitement; a BTS Pop Up: Map Of The Soul pop-up Store will be opening soon, right here in KL!

Based on the Tweets made by Malaysian ARMYs, the K-pop boy band’s pop-up store is seen in 1 Utama Shopping Centre!


The store is currently not open yet as it is still being renovated but this doesn’t stop die-hard fans to think about all of the merchandise they are planning to buy.

However, the same can’t be said to fans in other states. All they can do at the moment is wait for the day they are able to visit the store. (hang in there!).


The store is apparently located on the Ground floor of 1 Utama’s New Wing, next to Ms Read.

No one knows exactly what kind of items will be sold in the store but using other countries for reference such as Singapore, the store will most likely sell BTS-related cardigans, face towels, posters, pens, and many more.

This is how Singapore’s Pop Up: Map Of The Soul store looks like. It opened last year.

Image via Bandwagon Asia

Image via Bandwagon Asia

Image via Must Share News


ARMYs be like: “Welp, no more shopping for now until the store finally opens so I can splurge on everything that I want!”


Credits to SAYS for the initial coverage.

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