Mugging Attempt Caught on Livestream

Mugging Attempt Caught on Livestream
Apr 21, 2021
12:16 pm

A British YouTuber, Sherwin, was live-streaming his walk around central London on April 10 when he heard a cry for help.

In the video, which now has 189 500 views, he can be seen rushing to help the person who is scrawled on the ground, and bleeding from a cut on his face.

Screenshot from Youtube


The victim, Raymond Hing, a Singaporean student, was attacked by a knife-wielding man who tried to steal his bicycle in Leicester Square around 1am. After being knocked to the ground while cycling, Hing was left with a cut on his face.

Despite being recorded, the attacker still didn’t give up on stealing Hing’s bicycle, and instead made a desperate lunge for it. He only walked away when more people gathered at the scene.

Image via The Straits Times


In the video, after the attacker has left, Hing is seen crying for help and saying “call the police” multiple times.

Hing is seen asking for assistance and describing the attacker as being about 1.7m and wearing a blue jacket, after calling emergency services.

“It’s attempted murder, he is armed and dangerous, ” he said.

According to an Insider report, the Metropolitan Police arrived at the scene after receiving reports of an attempted robbery in Whitcomb Street.

“Officers attended and it was reported that a 21-year-old man had been assaulted by a man who attempted to steal his bike, ” said a spokesman. “Officers carried out a thorough search of the area, but no suspect was located. There have been no arrests.”

Hing was treated by the London Ambulance Service at the scene, and declined further treatment.

More than a week after the incident, Hing said he did not contact the Singapore High Commission in London as he recovered quickly and did not require further assistance. He said, "I have recuperated and I am feeling better - still alive and kicking."

Meanwhile, Sherwin described the experience as surreal. "As I was rushing over, adrenaline mixed in with my anxiety. I truly really hope, if anything, I've maybe inspired people to not be afraid. To try and step in, and to stop a bad-looking scenario from turning (from) bad to fatally worse."

The comments on his video all praised him for his quick and brave acts.


Watch the live-stream here to see the attack.


Not all heroes wear capes. Hopefully this would remind us to always help those in need. We can all be heroes to someone, as long as we don’t stand on the sidelines.


Credits to The Star for the initial coverage.

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