Kelantanese Man Wins RM 1 Million; "Relatives and Exes” Now After Him

Kelantanese Man Wins RM 1 Million; "Relatives and Exes” Now After Him
Mar 8, 2021
2:00 pm

Everyone always dreams of becoming a millionaire one day and then you can “relax” and stay a bit worry free in life.

I’m sure some of you would know that Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) has a thing called BSN Sijil Simpanan Special Draw and they had just announced the first winner for 2021.

The winner is a 21-year-old Kelantanese man and he had won RM 1 million in cash savings!


The man had become one of the youngest winners of the draw ever since it was introduced back in 2014.


Question GIF


We understand that people love money but come on now, must you all troll on the man? The comments section of Harian Metro’s Facebook post had people flooding it with them saying they are related to the man and showering him with love.

A woman in the comment section had felt sorry for rejecting him in the past and is now ready to accept him even with the age difference.

Image via Harian Metro (Facebook)


Pretty sure the man is now Malaysia’s #1 favourite person thanks to his RM 1 Million.

If anyone wants a good laugh, you could consider checking out the comments. Here are some of our favourite ones!

“Thank you, Harian Metro, for reuniting with my long-lost brother. Take this phone number and come home little brother.”

Image via Harian Metro (Facebook)


“Thank you, BSN for your initiative. I have reunited with my brother who has been separated for long time. Little bother, big brother never got angry at you. Big brother forgives all your sins.”

Image via Harian Metro (Facebook)


“Alhamdulillah, even though we never knew each other and met, finally we have been reunited. It’s true that the sustenance is not the wrong address. Thank you, little brother, starting form today, we are brothers.”

Image via Harian Metro (Facebook)


At least with all these comments, one person took it as a positive note and didn’t claim any of the man’s winnings.

“Alhamdulillah, Congratulations little brother. I have been saving for years but I’ve never even won a consolation prize. I hope this year there is a chance for me… haha”

Image via Harian Metro (Facebook)


Well, we hope the man can save his RM 1 million in peace and hopefully people would stop trolling around.

To our readers, if you won Rm 1 million or know someone who’s won Rm 1 million, what would you do? Let us know in the comments below!


Credits to Says for the initial coverage.

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