Vietnamese Man Buys PS5 And Re-enact The Famous “Plash Speed” Video

Vietnamese Man Buys PS5 And Re-enact The Famous “Plash Speed” Video
Mar 5, 2021
4:07 pm

This article goes out to them console gamers out there!

I’m sure when everyone saw the release of the PlayStation 5, everyone lost their s**t and literally wanted to get their hands on one as soon as it hits the stores (yeah… I’m one of those people but I didn’t get my hands on one… YET).

For those who are dating or married, even they probably have trouble convincing their significant other that the PS5 would be worth it.


Come on, admit it, you’ve probably been there.

Well, there is a social media post going viral recently as a man in Vietnam had decided to “re-enact” the famous animated Korean YouTube video, Plash Speed which was done by JangBbiJju.

Watch it here if you haven’t!


The story behind this is that in the animated video, the man had bought a PlayStation without his wife knowing about it. The best part of this would be how the men know how to back one another up in a situation like this.


To think someone really had the idea to really turn the video into a reality. Although we know that the PlayStation 5 does not require someone to install it, we’ll give it to ya, they nailed it!


The post read that the man had requested the store clerk to act as a network installer and the man did not disappoint as he was dressed in the local telco company uniform.

Image via Game Secret (Facebook)


The best part is when the man also stuck a sticker for after-service “in case the network router goes down”. 

Image via Game Secret (Facebook)


I doubt it will ever go down unless the wife feels like something is suspicious.


As the photos are going viral all over the internet, we all wonder one question… What happens if the man’s wife finds out?

Liar Liar Running GIF
Probably this will happen.


Regardless of it, this has managed to amuse so many people and it goes to show that you can actually recreate anything from the internet as where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Image via Game Secret (Facebook)


Here are some of our favourite comments:


Let’s pray that the man does not end up on the couch or even worse, having to return the PS5 back to the store.

Episode 19 GIF by The Simpsons


What do you think about this? Would you be willing to go the extra mile just to “hide” the fact that you purchase a PS5 from your significant other/wife? Let us know!



Credits to Game Secret for the original post.

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