How to Build My Perfect Home Office & Study!

How to Build My Perfect Home Office & Study!
Feb 22, 2021
3:45 pm

Let’s face it, 2020 caught you (and pretty much, everyone) off guard. All of a sudden, we were all told to keep away and stay at home as much as possible. Government and News Outlets across the whole world kept saying the same thing: “Outside bad. Inside good!”

The rest as you know it was history (heck, you’re most likely still living it right now). Everybody was studying / working from the Dining Table or the Sofa or Bedroom. Welcome to the ‘New Norm’ they said, as many questions began to float around.

Will we Get Back to Campus / Office?
Will Study /Work from Home continue?

Well, let’s Face the Facts:
The World will Recover but it will never be 100% the Same
     (not for the next 2 years at least)
#2 Home Study / Office isn’t a bad idea, may as well get Comfortable

#3 You CAN create your own SPACE .. the Way you Want it, How you Want it .. within Budget


Quick Shopper Tips:

WHAT is Everyday Low Price?
So you know that GOOGLE PLAYSTORE or Apple AppStore has like 'Apps of The Week'?
Lazada’s Everyday Low Price (or ELP for short) are Top Picks of THE DAY, meaning you get to see what are the most value-for-money selections that are also trending amongst your shopping peers!

* Best Promo Bargain
* Practical items
* High Popularity

And you can always check the User Reviews  to get some Confidence!

Getting to Everyday Low Price is as easy as a simple tap of a button from Lazada’s homepage in the mobile app. Once you’re in, that’s it!


Here’s How with some Quick Ideas curated from some of the most creative bargain hunting Minds we know .. the Peng Leng Cheng Crowd .. Cheap Pretty & Good Quality (our Colleagues La LoL)


My Latest Up2Date Lazada Shopping Experience
(CNY Sale) 

#Worst Fear #1: Delivery

Lazada now shares a Photo of the Delivery Recipient! So I can see if my Parcel was actually delivered as claimed & received by my Office Colleague

#Worst Fear #2: Customer Service Bot

Lazada now has prompt HUMAN online Chat in addition to the BOT that we all love to hate.
They will actually investigate your complaint from start to end. Top Marks!

















+ The Cream of the Crop .. Our Best Picks from Everyday Low Price !! (Lazada Mobile App only)

1) Creative - Pebble USB Speakers
Good bang-for-your-buck (and your ears!) Light, compact and fits snugly on your table. Just don't blast them too loud, or you'll have angry family members. ;)


2) Edifier - X3 TO-U Minibuds
For when you need to zone out into your own world (or just plain focus). With passive noise isolation and voice assistant, these earbuds are perfect for blocking out distractions, be it for work, study or entertainment.


3) XM66-28 - Folding USB Rechargeable-Fan
For those extra HOT and humid days – or if you just want to feel a little more breeze (Then you can close your eyes and feel as if you’re outside!)


4) 360 Portable Flexi-Arm Phone Holder
Clamp onto pretty much any table, window pane, or panel in your room. For those needing a creative (and lazy!) solution for when a regular phone stand just doesn't cut it. Now you can also lie down on your bed and Netfl- *ahem!* Research for school.


5) Logitech - C270i Webcam
Finally! No more complains of blurry faces or video when doing your work calls, class lectures, or assignment meet-ups. Hassle free, plug-and-play and you're good to go in HD.


6) MILANDO - Sports Yoga Exercise Block
Back Body Ache? You need to Stretch with this! Because we all know (but most times don't listed) that sitting at the desk all day is not good for our body.


Watch our Intern Elizabeth re-enact her setup of the items
listed (Yes, we bought them twice..) in the video below!

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