Creepy Stranger Found Living In Family’s Rooftop

Creepy Stranger Found Living In Family’s Rooftop

For a lot of us, a house is supposed to be a place for rest and security. So you can only imagine the horror when a family from Queensland, Australia found out that a stranger has been living in their rooftop.

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It started off with subtle hints

Monica Green first noticed simple things such as objects not being where they are supposed to be and food disappearing. This went on for several months which made Green very suspicious. Not too long after, she discovered that her home surveillance camera was disabled as well.

The culprit found

The answer to Green’s suspicion was finally revealed on 18 January 2021 when a man was found living in the rooftop.

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After visiting the doctor that day, Green came home a little earlier than usual. She was shock to find the air conditioner turned on, back door opened, and chicken nuggets on her stove.

She didn’t hesitate to contact the police and was later found that the intruder has been using the rooftop door in the ceiling to live in the roof.  

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I felt like it was something out of a horror film. Why was he in the roof? What was his intentions? Was he here to harm us? Was he here to steal one of my kids? I’m meant to be the one that protects them and I feel like I’ve failed," Green said.

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She also added how she felt shocked, scared, terrified, and violated after finding out the truth.

Creepy. Doesn’t this remind you of the South Korean Oscar winning movie, Parasite?.

We are lucky that in Malaysia most houses are not built with attics (phew).



Credits to Mashable SEA for the initial coverage.

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