This Man Wants To Quit His RM1.6k Salary Job Because It’s Too ‘Easy’

This Man Wants To Quit His RM1.6k Salary Job Because It’s Too ‘Easy’

It is not a surprise to most of us how our economy has been greatly impacted by the pandemic. With more people being retrenched and getting their salary cut, times are uncertain and tough. However, would you keep your low-workload job even if it makes you feel unproductive and uninspired?

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A netizen shared his experience on a Facebook page called RicebowlMY about his recent new job that pays him RM 1,600 a month. He has been working as an admin at the company but so far, he feels the urge to quit.

“I don’t have anything to do most of the time. I’m only busy in the morning for about two hours but the rest of the time, I’m doing nothing. Occasionally, on the first few days of the month, I get busy,” he mentioned in the post.

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The job’s low productivity has been making him feel unproductive and stagnant. The netizen wants a job that could challenge him at work.

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He added that the other employees goes through the same thing and play with their phones to pass time. The netizen feels like he will mostly be scrolling his phone until work ends for the rest of his life if he stays in the company.

People did not fail to leave their comments and opinions on the netizen’s story. Some expressed their jealousy because he was able to find a job during these trying times. Others advised him to stay in the company and learn new skills outside instead or take up a part-time job as an extra source of income.  

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A few others commented that leaving his job because he is stagnant and not growing are valid reasons. They could relate to his feelings and what he is currently going through.

What do you think? Would you keep a job that doesn’t require you to do much but doesn’t challenge you to grow and learn more?. Personally for me, the one thing I dislike is stagnancy. Feeling uninspired and unproductive for a long period of time would possibly affect our mental health. When we feel like we can’t utilize our skills and strengths, it could lead us to feeling useless or lost. Health is wealth. Without health, we are not able to work or do the things we enjoy. Always prioritize your health.



Credits to World Of Buzz for the initial coverage.

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