5-Star Confinement Centre Gets Criticised for Serving Innutritious Food

5-Star Confinement Centre Gets Criticised for Serving Innutritious Food


If you haven’t heard of confinement centres before, they are actually a place to help take care of a newborn baby and their mother after delivering birth. The process involves getting some health treatments and specific clean food to be served to the mum to make sure her body heals better after going through the pregnancy.


Recently, a netizen who went to LYC Confinement centre has shared her experience online and gave her comments. She specifically felt unsatisfied with the food that they have served her which did not meet her expectations.


As a 5- Star Award Winning Centre, customers would expect to be served high quality fresh and nutritious meals as per advertised to them. However, during teatimes, she was served a plain hotdog and mantau where both can be found in the frozen and processed food section area in supermarkets.

When paying a huge some of money for low quality food, we could understand why this experience was definitely disappointing. Below are some of the responses from followers who shared their thoughts on this issue.


The customer has reported her issue to the management and we wish that her duration left at the confinement centre will be better and improved for her well-being and for the baby too.


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