UNIQLO Malaysia To Open Its 1st Roadside Megastore

UNIQLO Malaysia To Open Its 1st Roadside Megastore


 UNIQLO Malaysia is celebrating with us their 10th Anniversary in Malaysia with exciting news! On 10th November 2020, they announced through their Facebook that they will finally be opening a roadside megastore for their Malaysian customers.

It is announced that the megastore will be opening this coming December in Bandar Sri Damansara, Kuala Lumpur. It will be specifically located at Damansara Avenue which is a development surrounded by various residential areas, schools and also office buildings.

According to Yuki Yamada, Chief Executive Officer of UNIQLO Malaysia and Singapore, he mentioned that across Asia, there are 4 megastores so far which are in Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea and Philippines and now, Malaysia will be the 5th to have in their country. Currently, the Japanese fast fashion company has 51 physical stores running in 12 states.


Yuki Yamada also noted that the roadside megastore is carefully designed to have easy accessibility and space to move around for all including families with children, elderly people and people with disability, where the store will feature its own ample parking space for customers.

We are more than excited to see how the megastore will look like but with the pandemic still around, we all have to be careful to not go to crowded places just yet but let us stay tuned with UNIQLO Malaysia to share their updates on the upcoming store opening.


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Credits to SAYS.COM and Malay MAIL for the resources. 

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