Malaysian Sugar Baby dates Singaporean Sugar Daddies and Earns Rm42,000 A Month

Malaysian Sugar Baby dates Singaporean Sugar Daddies and Earns Rm42,000 A Month


While most of us are struggling to keep up with the pandemic and trying our best to save up, A 28-year old Malaysian is living her best life as a sugar baby.

According to Jenni (covered name), She is a Malaysian Marketing Executive working in Singapore who got curious of her friend one day on how she can afford her expensive Europe trips. Her friend then shared her a dating application called Sugar Book where sugar babies can connect with rich men and women or in other words, popularly called sugar mommy and sugar daddies.



Jenni explained that per meet up, she charges SGD500 (RM1,500). Currently, she is connecting with three different sugar daddies. One of them who she has been seeing within 5 months already, gives her an allowance of SGD 8,000 (RM 25,000) to SGD 10,000 (RM 31,000). With all these combined with  her monthly salary as Marketing Executive as well, she earns about SGD 14,000 (RM 42,800) altogether for a month.


What does she spend all that money on you ask? Well, Jenni gets to spend all that money on lavish shopping, she goes on her Europe and United States trips, facials and manicures. Apart from that, she also gives some money to her family back home in Malaysia where they have no idea at all that she is on this dating app.

“Being a Sugar Baby can be a topic of controversy,” Jenni said. This is why she explained that she has her own rules when meeting and dating these men, which are:

  • Meeting them only for companionship and material benefits
  • No dating men who are married or above the age of 45
  • No diving into sexual relations unless maybe in a long-term arrangement
  • Do not be too emotionally invested into sugar daddies

When people say that being a sugar baby is like being a prostitute, she actually rejects this idea. From her point of view, a prostitute is someone who is forced to do sexual relations and they cannot reject it but with being a sugar baby, it is not like that and whenever she feels uncomfortable, she is allowed to say no to it.

Would you consider into being a sugar baby after reading this article? Please share us your thoughts!


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