#SaveCost & #LookGood – Thrift Shopping Tips For Your OOTDs

#SaveCost & #LookGood – Thrift Shopping Tips For Your OOTDs

It’s SHOPPING TIME! You happily go to a mall and scroll through a variety of clothes to spot your ‘One True Love’. When you finally find something that catches your eye, you take it off from the shelve and first thing you look for is the Price Tag!

Wait? RM140 for a new TOP? Seriously?

What you hear next is your heart breaking into pieces.

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Look, we got to acknowledge that buying new clothes does give us an adrenaline rush. However, can we always afford to buy them at a retail price? Instead of burning a hole in your wallet, why don’t you try thrift shopping? There are several thrift shops in Malaysia that offers quality clothing at a very low price.

Imagine finding a Zara jacket at RM20 as compared to the original price, RM200....

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Besides, morally speaking, thrift shopping can help boost up local economy as well as reduce waste pollution. Hence, we are actually doing Mother Earth a huge favour. Here are the 6 most famous go-to thrift stores every fashion lover would definitely pop by:

1. OKGO store

Style: Retro, Sporty Trendy

Price range: RM10 – RM60

Locations: Subang Jaya, near SS15 LRT




2. 2nd Street Trading

Style: Retro, Casual, Sporty Trendy, 90s Vintage

Price range: RM5 and above

Locations: Subang Jaya, Bangsar, Setapak, Bandar Utama




3. Refash Malaysia

Style: Casual, Girly, Chic

Price range: RM5 to RM30

Locations: Sungei Wang Plaza




4. By Aween

Style: 90s Vintage, Casual

Price range: RM3 and above

Locations: Uptown Shah Alam Seksyen 24 and Uptown Shah Alam Setia Alam



5. JBR Bundle


Style: Sporty Trendy, Retro

Price range: RM2 and above

Locations: Banting, Shah Alam, Selangor, Cheras, Kepong and Kajang



6. Jalan Jalan Japan

Style: Girly style, Casual, Retro and Artsy Fashion

Price range: RM5 and above

Locations: Subang Jaya, Cheras, Seremban



Second hand clothes have become a new trend for online fashionistas. Before you scroll through hundreds of thousands of clothing available on the rack, you might want to curate a look for yourself. Having a shopping list will come in handy.

With Myc! Street Cam, here are 7 fashion styles we spot on Instagram that can be your source of inspiration…….


Style 1: Retro


(Clothing from OKGO Store)


Style 2: 90s Vintage

(Clothing from By Aween)


Style 3: Sporty Trendy

(Clothing by JR Bundle)


Style 4: Casual Fashion

(Clothing by Refash)


Style 5: Girly Fashion

(Clothing by Refash)


Style 6: Chic

(Clothing by Refash)


Style 7: Artsy Fashion

(Clothing by 2nd Street Trading)


Don't you think all the clothes look similar to the branded clothes you see in malls?

Since money can be a concern for millennials, why not opt for 2nd Hand and go green?

Besides, do you know that fashion wastage is one of the sources to environmental pollution? According to the United Nations Environment Program, the fashion industry is estimated to produce 10% of the world’s total carbon emission.  Can you imagine how much damage we are causing by buying new clothes every year?

Save the planet and go green! Sustainable fashion is the new living norm! Moreover, why waste your money to buy new clothes when it can only last about a year?


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Credits to SAYS and World of Buzz for the resources.

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