First Transgender News Anchor Makes History in Bolivia

First Transgender News Anchor Makes History in Bolivia

It seems impossible for transgenders to appear on the big screen. Bolivia is famously known for being a traditionally conservative country and one woman defies all odds to pave a new beginning. 

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26-year-old Leonie Dorado recently became a trailblazer in the media industry by becoming the first TRANSGENDER NEWS ANCHOR in Bolivia. She is the new co-host of Bolivian program Aby Alaya TV that covers LGBTQ issues upfront.

For Dorado, her journey to become fully herself comes a long way. ‘It took me 4 years for the transition to take place.” Used to be called Bernardo, she was looking for a way to project her life. To her, she was in the right body but experiencing a different feel. 

TV broadcasting has never been part of her plans. Passionate about music and piano, she dreams of becoming a musician. Being offered a TV job during the Covid-19 pandemic gave her a different perspective. She believes this is an opportunity for her to become the voice for trans people.

“The LGBT community is a group of millions of people who demand human rights, labour rights, and rights to have their lives respected,” said Dorado. In this new role, she will be putting her focus on LGBT issues, mainly on health and labour.

"Make peace with your body, put your health first, bet on your dreams and be happy." quote by Dorado. 

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For more inspirational LGBT stories, here are some inspiring stories that happen in the last PRIDE MONTH:

1. Valentina Sampaio became the first transgender model of Sports Illustrated.

2. Zoya Khan was recruited as the first transgender operator of a Common Service Centre in Gujarat’s Vadodara district to provide medical consultation.

3. Indian American actor Aneesh Sheeth will be the first Marvel transgender actor in Season 3 of Jessica Jones.

Credits to Jakarta Post for the story coverage.

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