New HE>SHE Model Sets Record & Breaks Sports Illustrated's Tradition

New HE>SHE Model Sets Record & Breaks Sports Illustrated's Tradition

Isn’t she hot? But what you about to find out next will shock you.

She is a Brazilian-born model and activist who has walked for Victoria’s Secret fashion runway. Valentino Sampaio is no ordinary models like the rest. She is actually, a TRANSGENDER.

Transgender Carmen Carrera GIF

Young and fresh, the 23-year-old model was recently chosen as one of Sports Illustrated model where she shared a bikini shot for the magazine on her Instagram.

Her trans appearance once drove an executive of Victoria Secrets out of office because of her recruitment to be a runway angel.

WOW, badass much!

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Valentino hopes that her actions can inspire LGBTQ+ people in her nation to face up and not be afraid of the insults, fearful reactions and physical violations.

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To be frank, I thought she was a woman until I realize she was trans. Giving you a SALUTE for honouring your bravery.

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Credits to Skynews for the initial coverage. 

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