The Next Time you Complain that you Can't Study ..

The Next Time you Complain that you Can't Study ..

We've all done some pretty weird things in order to get a good Wi-Fi signal - but  hopping from cafe to cafe or stealing your neighbor's password is honestly considered peanuts compared to what this resourceful Malaysian student had to do.

Veveonah Mosibin is a foundation student at the University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) who hails from the Malaysian state of Sabah, and since the MCO began in the country, she's been uploading some pretty nifty videos on YouTube.

Such as building a well from scratch.

...or opening a coconut with just your bare hands.

Well now that the RMCO period is well under way, school is back in session and so are exams.

...and Veveonah was fully prepared for her exams.

She even built a little hut on top of a hill where she could get good connectivity in order to take her exams online.

I don't know about you, but I've never worked this hard for any exams I've taken.

Unfortunately, the heavy rain and strong wind all week caused her hut to collapse and be rendered unusable - but Veveonah is ever resourceful.

After a brief moment to tear up a bit and worry about her now-collapsed hut, she quickly got back on track.

So what's a student to do to get good Wi-Fi?

Arm themselves with a phone, powerbank, water, some food, mosquito netting, additional exam materials, and climb up a tree of course.

UMS student spent 24 hours in a tree to do online exams due to ...

Veveonah had to deal with a giant hornet that got caught in the makeshift tree tent with her.

The night was also filled with weird sounds from bugs and animals around, causing her to have a restless night.

Sleeping high up in a tree is probably not that comfortable either.

Student From Sabah Spent 24 hours On a Tree In Order to Get Strong ...

Veveonah shares in her video that she works at her family's orchard, assisting her parents daily.

Her family also often goes to bed around 7.00PM as soon as the sun sets because their house doesn't have electricity.

She successfully takes both of her exams and opts to make the most of the experience, even labeling it as a "challenge" for her video.

If anything, Veveonah's resilience is surely something we all need to learn from.

source: seamashable

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