Miss Malaysia 2017 Winner to be Stripped of Title after Racist Instagram Post on "Black People"?

Miss Malaysia 2017 Winner to be Stripped of Title after Racist Instagram Post on "Black People"?

We don't know if you are but many are now speaking out on the trending topic of #BlackLivesMatter - following the brutal murder of George Floyd at the hands of Officer Derek Chauvin and other officers standing by as the heinous act was being carried out.

Yes, if you witnessed something wrong happening and you did nothing to stop it, you're an accessory to murder -- especially if you're wearing a law enforcement uniform.

George Floyd: State, private autopsies agree death a homicide ...

I can't post the video cause it really is just, too much...and it will bring tears to your eyes.

While many are speaking out against the horrifying racist acts of police officers upon an innocent life, (we're not gonna bring up about how cops are much less brutal with "white-skinned" murderers and such) a former Miss Malaysia winner posted in an Instagram Story, something that really just came out quite insensitive.


Samantha Katie James's post had risen quite a loud uproar from netizens for basically saying that African-Americans "chose to be born as a coloured person in America".

Sounds pretty stupid don't you think? It's not like we can choose what skin colour we wanna be born with...

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Even the Miss Universe Malaysia Organization (MUMO) had release a statement saying, “MUMO stands for a non-racial society and strongly condemns all acts of racism and prejudice anywhere in the world.”

MUMO has denied that Samantha is affiliated with the organization and that her views were of her own.


Samantha's post yesterday (1 JUNE) also stated that “I don’t live in America, it has nothing to do with me, but to me, it seems like the ‘whites’ won. If you’re angry, you respond in rage and anguish and that means it has power over you. They have power over you. Foolish humans.”

She posted her reply to the DM on her Stories, in which she explained:

“Like our souls chose this life, this country, this race, this human form specifically for a reason. I always wondered why I was born in Malaysia as a white girl with a Chinese mum and Indian grandparents and a Brazilian dad. But I chose this all for a reason, as a soul.”

While we can't comment much on the George Floyd case (as saddened as we are), we really cannot condone this kind of thought and behaviour by a Malaysian.

Living in Malaysia, we should be proud that we hardly (not never) experience such racism in the country -- and instead of using your platform to be insensitive to others, we should be spreading love and the spirit of positivity.

Many are enraged by Samantha's post and have called for her to be stripped of her title.

If you share the same sentiments, click HERE to sign a petition form.

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On behalf of all Malaysians, we hope her actions do not reflect poorly on the character of the rest of us.

We see everyone as equal, cause after all, we all bleed the same right?


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