Libresse Reveals First-Ever V-Zone Boardgame for "KNOW YOUR V" Campaign to Create Awareness Among Women.

Libresse Reveals First-Ever V-Zone Boardgame for "KNOW YOUR V" Campaign to Create Awareness Among Women.

Libresse® launches the “KNOW YOUR V” Campaign to offer knowledge and facts about V-Zone health so that more women are informed and empowered about their own bodies, and able to take ownership of an important aspect of their own health.

A recent survey conducted by Libresse® revealed that V-Zone knowledge is low among Malaysian women, with 69% who have mistakenly identified a diagram of a woman’s reproductive system.

In addition, 63% of respondents have not seen and know what a vulva was.

The survey also found that almost four out of ten women feel uncomfortable using the word ‘vagina’ in conversations, perpetuating the cultural taboos surrounding V-Zone conversations.

10 things about your vagina you always wanted to know and never asked

These results point to a significant gap in knowledge, which may prevent women from taking the appropriate action when faced with common problems like infections or lead to a delay in identifying symptoms of serious health conditions.

Risiko penyakit keturunan | Harian Metro

Libresse® teams up with Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Dr Patricia Lim Su-Lyn to provide credible information about V-Zone health in a fun and interesting way.

To engage with more women and break the ice surrounding V-Zone awareness, the “KNOW YOUR V” Campaign introduces ‘The V Game’.

This first-ever, interactive boardgame will be given away via social media, schools and in-store.

Set to trigger V-Zone conversations among women of all ages, participants will role-play in everyday situations that women face, from dealing with their monthly period to talking about V-Zone health.

The game guides players and provides solutions that resolve these situations, while offering facts on how women can care for and love themselves, including appropriate care for the delicate V-Zone.

Libresse® offers women quality sanitary care products that are equipped with various patented technologies to meet a wide range of women’s needs:

  • The pads are designed with SecureFit™ and Deep Flow Channels (DFC) technologies to ensure a greater fit for a woman’s “V”, and to ensure the period is absorbed quickly and channelled evenly in the pad to keep the delicate area dry and protected at all times. 
  • While Libresse® liners come with a patented CurveFit™ design to ensure they fit properly and stay in place, keeping users fresh and clean all day.
  • To encourage the habit of daily intimate care for V-zone health, Libresse® also offers the special V-Care packs that feature pH-balanced intimate wash and wipes that are dermatologically tested and liners.

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