Woman Fined RM10,000 for Cursing at PDRM Officers in PJ.

Woman Fined RM10,000 for Cursing at PDRM Officers in PJ.

Let's admit it.. we've all cursed at PDRM officers at least once in our lives (though I'm certain we've all done it more than a dozen times)...and even more times at MBPJ officers too (which I don't blame you).

Here's the thing though...

If you now curse at PDRM officers, especially during the MCO, I'm here to let you know that you can...and you will be fined for it.

Poh King (the woman in the picture...yes also her name isn't 'Poh Kong') was arrested last Tuesday for directing the profanity "stupid idiots!" at officers in charge of a roadblock along Persiaran Surian, Kota Damansara around 9.40AM.

Her raging fit at that moment now could cost her RM100 if she is found guilty under Section 14 of the Offenses Act 1955.


Image Source: Malaysia Gazette

That's not all though...the rebel is also arrested for another misconduct - intentionally prevented civil servants from performing their duties.

Now this however, comes with a more severe (expensive more like it) punishment if she is found guilty.

If Ms. Poh is charged under Section 186 of the Penal Code, she could be facing a 2-year jail sentencing or a fine of up to RM10,000 -- or BOTH, upon conviction.

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Despite verbally assaulting officers for doing their job, the court was lenient on Ms. Poh and granted her a bail of RM4,000 in total for both charges against her.

She might have to face trial on 20 MAY 2020.

Local Woman Arrested For Calling Police Idiots During MCO | TRP

Sure we can all blame it on the stress of the MCO, but let's also put some perspective on this scenario shall we?

As angry as we are about shops closed and roadblocks, do you not think these officers wouldn't prefer to sit in their office and go about their own day rather than standing in the middle of the road and dealing with profanities and middle fingers thrown their way?

Let's all just keep a cool head and be understanding towards each other ok?


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