The Lost Art of Being a Gentleman.

The Lost Art of Being a Gentleman.

In my boss' fortuitous position of being a Mentor & friend to many Millennials, a consistent topic that arises is that Malaysian Millennial Women complain that it's hard to find a Gentleman .. under the age of 30.

Seems from what were said, accoreding to this unofficial survey of over 9 friends (...& attractive Urban Malaysian Girls), the Malaysian Young Men that they have dated fall into 3 rough categories:

1. Those who want to get Married to their 1st GF & start freaking them out.

2.  Those who are Totally Clueless & just need a Mom surrogate they can F**k. 
(repeated Word for Word)

3. Those who are FuccBoi-Wannabes.

Seems that there's a strong demand for a Lost Category of Young Men ..

Prim & Proper Gentlemen.

Roughly defined as a well-groomed; both Physically and Mentally; a Guy with a Purpose in Life .. who starts off as a witty, charming and caring friend & eventually moves into the Heart of the woman he holds dear.

Generally we're describing a Dependable and Reliable Guy.

Granted we can't describe the process of being a Gentleman in a single article, we hope that the below will spark some thoughts in young Millennial Males on what to aspire for ..

In a nutshell, being a Gentleman is just showing how Evolved you Are inside.

That you're no longer a Boy .. but a Man in his Game.

...and Women. They LOVE that.

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