Boys Toys Winter/Spring 2020.

Boys Toys Winter/Spring 2020.

by Mitchell W.

Now who says only Women can be shoppaholics?

Guys have as much "Passion for Fashion" as the girl right next to us...but not necessarily the same kinda "fashion" la.

We're talking about the Cool Must Haves for Men -- everything from Tech, Tops, Shoes, Bags and even Wallets... cause after all, Women do LOVE a Men with a Wild Sense of Fashion.

With that being said, let's have a look at what we'd wanna be placing in our Shopping Cart...I mean, with all that money we've received in the angpaos (...and won) over CNY right?

Your Image Makers

Blogs are out...and Vlogs are in -- so time to get Tech-vesting!

1. DJI Osmo Pocket

This device is revolutionary, at least to me; it makes your life easier for vlogging, especially when you wanna travel light and record your experiences.

What makes this my #1 go-to gadget is that it's a 3-in-1 setup, meaning that it's a Camera + Gimbal + Microphone all in one --  so you can put away your heavy-ass DSLR, stabilizer and onboard mic...this is so quick and easy to use!

Best part is that it fits perfectly in your pocket -- so put down that extra bag that you were thinking of carrying. Voila!

PRICE: RM1,550


2. GoPro Hero8 Black

I get it... why tempt you like this when you probably just bought the GoPro Hero7 Black and still working off the installments right?

Well good things come to those who wait.

Just by looking at it, you already know that the audio is gonna be a heck lot better than the already-improved audio recorder on the Hero7 model...and you'll have even stronger lighting -- so YAY for vloggers!

In addition, there's also a built-in mounting...saves you money on buying more external accessories.

This really is...Beyond Next Level.

PRICE: RM1,879 (excluding accessories)


Spine Huggers

If you're gonna Carry, at least carry in Style.

3. Arctic Hunter i-Beyondz Backpack

I personally think this Anti-Theft backpack looks a little edgier than the XD Design one.

It is made from Kevlar Fibre Locker, supports fast-charging technology and can fit a 15.6" gaming laptop too.

To add to it, you'll get a 3-year local manufacturing warranty upon purchase.


Click HERE


4. Mark Ryden 2019 Anti-Theft Backpack

Now here's something that a Uni student can even use after graduation.

It already looks friggin' amazing and stylish, but here's what makes this an ideal buy for the Gents:

i) Expandable Capacity: 23 lites > 39 litres (equivalent of a 20L travel luggage)

ii) 3-ways Carry: It doesn't just have to be a backpack. Turn it into your choice of a Satchel or Briefcase!


Click HERE


Feet Fashion

5. Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 "Cactus Jack"

Knocking up Kylie Jenner isn't the only thing Travis Scott is given Street Credits for, and if you've seen his sneakers designs, you'll know why it is an Ultimate Must Have in your Sneaker Shrine collection.

Everyone knows that in life, you've gotta own at least a pair of Air Jordan 1...and if you haven't gotten yourself a pair, the "Cactus Jack" will be a great first.

PRICE: Ori is N/A in Malaysia...but you can get the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) unit between RM198 - RM316.

P/s: Looks great with bright pink laces too.


6. Tomaz HC001 Formal Boots

I've never been a sucker for boots cause if you wear 'em in Malaysia, it's hot and you'll definitely earn the label of "Hong Kong kiok" (stinky feet).

However, if you throw on a good'ol pair of cotton socks in the mix, you're all set to go -- with tons of girls and women drooling at your feet.

Not only will it look slick with your formal pants but it goes well with a pair of your best denims too...turning from a professional working executive into a Mr. How D'ya Do Cowboy with a quick change of pants.


P/s: If you have a fine ass and a perfectly fitted pair of jeans to go with the boots, you might get lucky on your first date with a woman...or two.


My Money Carrier

What goes into your pants matters when you pull it out to pay for coffee.

7. The Ridge Aluminium Wallet

Let's leave behind the bulge in your pocket of where your wallet used to be with something lighter, slimmer and tougher.

An aluminium wallet that combines "Hardy Fashion" with Quick Accessibility.

Really, it looks like a Card Holder but with a money strap that holds your notes in place...a sure Basic Design with Maximum Utility -- a great gift for Working Men & Dads.


P/s: It's also RFID-blocking so no one is able to "Sneakily Thieve" cash from your bank.


8. BELLROY Note Sleeve .. Designer's Edition

If you haven't heard of BellRoy wallets, then it's time to start whispering this in front of your Girlfriend when she asks you what awesome item you want.

(Tip: Tell her you'll place her Photo inside as an incentive to get you this!)

Made from Nubuck leather in collaboration with French Artist, Elsa Boch, it is backed with 3 years warranty by the makers who started the Slim Men's Wallet movement.

Not forgetting the RFID protection that comes standard, protecting your Credit Cards from would-be phishing.


P/s: It is only available online from Bellroy website.


My Threads

It's a battle of Hipster Street Wear vs Formal Oo-la-la Look.

9. RSD Johnny Jacket

RSD = Roland Sands Design .. if you haven't heard of this name, Welcome to the Cool World of Retro Bikers & Café Hipsters.

The RSD Johnny Jacket inspired by Johnny Cash, the multi-genre classic American singer lives in 2 Worlds -- 100% waxed cotton body + Leather sleeves.

On a Bike or on Tour with your Band doing Gigs .. this is the expression of Cool without even trying.

PRICE: RM1,899

P/s: Available at Rider's Garage Sunway .. online or in store. Price may be hefty but then again, Quality over Quantity bruhh!

(Buy it in your choice of Charcoal Black, Ranger Tobacco or Mahogany Brown)


BONUS: Keep on You Always!

You never know when you're gonna need it -- so why not bring these along and look like a Proper Gentleman?

10. Solar Power Bank

Get powered by Nature and the Sun, something that Malaysia is rich with.

Tired of constantly recharging your Phone and friends are draining your power bank?

Have no fear as the 10,000 mAh Solar Power Bank is Waterproof and keeps you on the Go.

Plus, it functions as a LED Torchlight too!

Another sure-fire way to get the attention of Hot Chicks as they're constantly in need of power for their high-powered Instagram.

PRICE: RM152.10

P/s: Get it now on Lazada.


11. Power Signature Pen

Finally, every Gentleman will want a CEO-worthy tool to sign off on the thousands that he pays from the millions that he makes.

Introducing the Sheaffer Prelude Signature Red Laque Pen 14K!


P/s: Enjoy signing when you get it on Lazada Malaysia.


So there's your Shopping List -- an Arsenal full of Fashion for Men.

If you're single, don't won't be for long; so long as you have a Real Man personality and not of a young childish boy la.

Enjoy what's left of the year and kick in to 2020 with a fresh new look in life!

Vanei Koh COOL!

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