House still Dirty before CNY? This Guy will Clean it for You, FOR FREE!

House still Dirty before CNY? This Guy will Clean it for You, FOR FREE!

by Mitchell W.

No one believed in the whole idea of 1Malaysia up till today, well that's was till we heard about what this kind Malay gentleman did for a Chinese family before the CNY festives begins.

Mohd. Fadli Salleh has performed, what we call, The Kindest Deed of the Year.

He received a notice about a poor Chinese family living in a PPR (Program Perumahan Rakyat aka Affordable Housing Scheme) unit from their neighbour, Kak Yati, via Facebook.

Have a read:


The Chinese family had no water to use for their kids to shower before school and had been using her's for quite a long while.

When you see this family's living situation, your jaw will drop...

A true dump (not being mean or anything) and really unfit to celebrate Chinese New Year.

The man of the family suffers from a chronic illness and isn't able to work, his wife is a cleaning lady at a hotel in Ampang, and both of them have two young kids.

They couldn't afford to pay their water bill, so that water supply was cut off...

They couldn't afford to pay for the rental, so they were threatened with eviction notices...

It was not looking to be a good time to celebrate the festive season eh?

Well...what Mohd. Fadli did for this family truly warmed the hearts of the people...

He arranged for the family to get their water supply back and brought in help from the 'Dana Kita' organisation to clean up their house and refurbish the furnitures!

OMG! Who would do those things for people they don't even know?!

After 3 weeks and a whole lot of sweat and elbow grease, this family had an actual living space again.

No... even better...

This family had a HOME again.

“As long as we are capable, Dana Kita and myself will always be there to help those in need, regardless of race, religion or culture,” says Mohd. Fadli.

A Lesson for our "Jaguh Kampung" Politicians:

This Malay Gentleman is now the most popular Guy in Malaysia with 5k Shares of his Kindness for his fellow Malaysian.

Just simple old fashion Love & Malaysians want more of this.

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