Unmarried Sex to be an Official Crime in Indonesia?

Unmarried Sex to be an Official Crime in Indonesia?

Indonesia's new highly controversial penal code has just "waged war" against the LGBT community and fornicators -- one that would criminalize sex outside of marriage, and also same-sex relations.

No one is happy about it and Human Rights Watch has stepped in to calling on lawmakers to drop the controversial articles before passing the law.

There's been a rising intolerance in Indonesia against religious and sexual minorities from increasingly assertive religious conservatives, and now a group of NGOs are urging Indonesian President Joko Widodo to step in and delay the 628-article bill, before it is expected to be legalized on September 24.

Should the new penal code be made official, it will take about two years for the penal code to take affect -- so the public and law enforcement can become familiar with the new regulations.

"The next century would likely be disastrous for minorities in Indonesia," says Andreas Harsonso, senior Indonesia researcher at Human Rights Watch.

If LGBT members are caught engaging in obscene acts, they'll be served with a penalty of up to six months in prison.

...oh, same goes for unmarried couples who are reported to police for living together too -- facing sentence of six months in prison or a fine.

A village chief can also file a police complaint if close family do not object.

That's not all...

The draft code states that only a doctors have the right to decide to perform an abortion, and a woman could face four years in prison for having one.

Anyone who helps a woman terminate her pregnancy faces 5 years in jail!

Minister of Law Yasonna Laoly said that was a "big misperception" and called the law a "legacy" as the bill was made for Indonesians by Indonesians.

"Not all the people agreed to some articles -- if we were to listen to everybody we would never finish this bill -- but we have made the best one. We have listened to everybody, every expert, political party and tried to come up with rules that can be accepted," he said.

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