This Guy Splurged RM650,000 to Look Like BTS' Jimin...Did It Pay Off??

This Guy Splurged RM650,000 to Look Like BTS' Jimin...Did It Pay Off??
Sep 17, 2019
9:01 am

by Mitchell W.

Londoner, Oli London (29) actually had his jaw shaved to look like his K-Pop idol, BTS' Jimin!

Yeah...botox and implants aren't painful sculpting seems to be the new thing now.


He has spent around RM651,641 in the last 5 years, all just to look like a K-Pop star...

Infatuated much?

3 months back (June 2019), Oli went back to Korea to have more surgery done on his face.

“I'm in very safe hands in Korea,” he said.

“I know it's the best in the world for plastic surgery, I mean Gangnam which is like the most upscale place in Seoul – and I have the best plastic surgeon who is actually a specialist in facial contouring.”

Not to sound mean but...aren't these procedures meant to make you look better than you did before??

...cause he just seemed to have made himself look like a "transitioning" man -- which is no compliment to Jimin.

“It's just I'm really in love with Korean culture. I really understand it. I've been learning the language so I'm incredibly respectful to Korean people. Korean people love me! They are very kind to me, they are very nice, they don't have a problem with it.”


What do you think?

Do you think his money was well-spent, just to make him look like that?

Well, whatever rocks your boat Oli...

Learning a new language and picking up new skills is definitely one way to show your love for a foreign culture, but to put yourself under a knife and come out looking that way...?

Yikes...plastic surgery gone wrong.

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