"I'm Gay, So What?" Why should LGBT People Get Harassed?

"I'm Gay, So What?" Why should LGBT People Get Harassed?

by Gen Yeo

Disclaimer: I have no opinions on whether the allegations are true/ false, and I don’t want to slander whoever that are involved.

In light of certain trending news (*cough* gay sex in politics *cough*), I felt compelled to discuss the status of sexuality in Malaysia.

First of, why are politicians still using these despicable methods to tarnish one another’s reputation?

What scandals?

Come on, no one cares about that sh*t anymore. These cheap tactics in politics are getting very stale. 

Most of the time, they ended up FAKE and made-up stories... but the repercussions to the accused are beyond saving.

The damage does not just involve their political image but their personal, social, and familial life as well...

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Secondly, why is it when homosexuality is involved, the repercussions become 10x worse?

Why are family and friends jumping out to defend the accused, regardless if they are gay or not?

Does it matter if they are?

LGBT activist, Numan Afifi couldn't have said it better:

"It is so insulting to see these sex scandals being associated with a vague mention of corruption – as if you are a corrupt politician, then you must be 'sexually deviant' somehow."

source: thestar

Gay rights activist Numan Afifi.

Honestly, what is the difference between a sex scandal and a GAY sex scandal? They're both sex scandals!

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1.Does it matter what gender a person chooses to love?

2. How is that going affect you?

3. Does it affect their performance in work?


4. Does it mean that they don't contribute to society?

LGBT or not why do you care?

They are human as much as we are human.

They are Malaysians as much as we are Malaysians.

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Moreover, all these trivial political plays are belittling the struggles of queer Malaysians.

For some, it might be some sensational fun news to watch or to discuss at the mamak...and then forgotten a few days later. HOWEVER, If we remain complacent, these small things are the ones that are going to pull our nation backwards.  

“A significant section of the youths in this country do not have the ability to be themselves.” -Twitter @AfiqAbader


You can't possibly be THAT cold-blooded and selfish to use someone else's identity as a weapon to hurt others. I'm sure everybody knows how much the LGBT community, especially in Malaysia, are struggling to find their place where they can express themselves.

Yes, we all know. Their stories are everywhere, BUT do we care enough?

Are we empathic enough to understand?

(I know for certain these old weasels don't. Weih... and these people are our leaders somemore...)  

The promise of New Malaysia smells a bit fishy…

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